Wilkie’s and Nutcracker’s syndromes overlapping a case of functional dyspepsia




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Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome, Dyspepsia, Renal Nutcracker Syndrome


We present the case of a patient suffering from a mixed-type functional dyspepsia who markedly reduced his diet to improve his symptoms leading him to malnourishment and a subsequent Wilkie’s and Nutcracker’s syndromes which exacerbated his pain. Our aim by presenting this case is to raise awareness as to what extent a so-called functional dyspepsia can evolve and of the possible overlap with these two entities in case of severe malnutrition.


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Alonso-Canal L, Santos Rodríguez A, Gil-Fournier-Esquerra N, García-Centeno P. Wilkie’s and Nutcracker’s syndromes overlapping a case of functional dyspepsia. Rev Gastroenterol Peru [nternet]. 11 de abril de 2023 [citado 13 de junio de 2024];43(1):74-6. isponible en: https://revistagastroperu.com/index.php/rgp/article/view/1467